about eufisica forum


The eufisica forum is the place where you can discuss issues about the physics classroom, lessons and labs, results of several evaluations, news about eufisica and about physics.

The forum is divided into two discussion groups:

  • one is dedicated to students and the general public. To participate simply make a brief registration and that's it!  Let me remind you that it is important not to forget the username and password. Keep it in a safe place because the database is encrypted and such data can not be accessed to.
  • the second is for physics and chemistry teachers and who want to participate and exchange points of views, exchange data, etc.. To participate it is necessary to make a registration (save the username and password, with these you can participate in the general forum) and send me an email to forum@eufisica.com to get the password to participate in this restricted area. It is necessary to prove that you are a teacher (via an email from another colleague to recommend it). If there is no way to verify this, the password won’t be sent. However, you may participate in the general forum.

To find the forum more easily, use the address http://forum.eufisica.com

For matters related to the forum send an email to forum@eufisica.com

Some changes to the graphics and other functions of the forum will be introduced over time, to make it more appealing and functional.


eufisica doesn't have lucrative purpose and it's a place dedicated to learn physics.

If eventually exists subjects, pictures, text, etc. that violates the law, please contact the administrator.

If you want you can make a donation, discuss some formal subject or place some publicity on my webpage, contact: admin@eufisica.com



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