about eufisica wiki


The eufisica wiki is an extension of eufisica where it is intended to create an Encyclopedia of Physics and Chemistry to serves as a support for the subject and as a research resource.

The wiki is easy to use and will be used sometimes in the context of the classroom.

To use it, make a simple registration and that's it! Keep your username and password in a safe place.

To find the wiki more easily, use the address http://wiki.eufisica.com/tikiwiki

Some changes to the graphics and other functions of the wiki will be introduced over time, to make it more appealing and functional.

For matters related to the wiki send an email to wiki@eufisica.com

eufisica doesn't have lucrative purpose and it's a place dedicated to learn physics.

If eventually exists subjects, pictures, text, etc. that violates the law, please contact the administrator.

If you want you can make a donation, discuss some formal subject or place some publicity on my webpage, contact: admin@eufisica.com



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