about eufisica


eufisica is a website made by professor José Gonçalves.

In the beginning this site was made under sapo's domain in eufisica.no.sapo.pt.

This webpage has the following purposes:  interacting with the students in an innovative way; presenting other resources to complete the unit lessons; innovation. The principal motivation was provided by my students, in their need to learn more and get more information about physics.

Between January and May 2008, the website was visited by more than 1200 people all over the world.

So, this website has acquired a global place and now eufisica will stay at eufisica.com  I hope you enjoy it.


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eufisica doesn't have lucrative purpose and it's a place dedicated to learn physics.

If eventually exists subjects, pictures, text, etc. that violates the law, please contact the administrator.

If you want to, you can make a donation, discuss some formal subject or place some publicity on my webpage, contact: administrator



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